Saturday, May 1, 2010

Toy Story 3 Goodies & tickets

I know there are several of you folks out there with Toy Story Addicts in your families.  So this post is for you :)

My friend Kristin has detailed several Toy Story 3 deals for us over on Couponing to Disney.

Check out these deals:

Energizer Batteries are offering free tickets to TS3 Check out the details HERE.

Free Movie Tickets from PopTarts

Free Movie Ticket from Hershey's

Free Movie Tickets, concession Cash or gear from Kellog's

Toy Story Items from Sara Lee

This last one is the one I am focusing on.  Here is a link to the order form.

For 3 Proofs-Of-Purchase you can get a FREE Toy Story Sectioned Plate!

For 4 Proofs-Of-Purchase you will receive a Toy Story Plate and Tumbler!
For 5 Proofs-Of-Purchase you will receive the exclusive Toy Story 3 Light Up Lunch Box!

I'd love, love, LOVE to have two of each item because I think that would be a nice little Christmas gift for both kids.  So that means I have to save up 24 Proof of Purchases.  I have two so far and two more loaves of bread to go through.  So that means 4.  I only need 20 more!!!

If any of you happen to have Proofs of purchase that you aren't going to use please let me know - i'll be happy to see if I can trade you for them, OR Michelle over at has a standing trade offer for them and would love you for trading with her. :)


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