Saturday, May 1, 2010

Harris Teeter Triples end THIS Tuesday. (Tuesday's the last day)

I feel like I am moving through a pool of molasses!!! I am so sorry that I am so behind.  I never realized that being a single mother took sooo much energy.  Between that and the anemia and doctors is a wonder i'm even able to sit here and get posts up at all.  I am preparing for a local business expo (I am taking my marshmallows there to hopefully drum up some more business) in addition to everything else.  So that is why I am so behind on great deals like this.  And I am TRULY TRULY Sorry.

Kelly Hancock over at Faithful Provisions emailed me the link to her fabulous guide on Triples Strategies. You can check it out HERE.  It provides you with some super advice on how to plan for and manage your triples and super doubles trips.

She also has a post here listing bloggers who have triples matchups available on their website. 

once again - so sorry!!


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