Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Posting may be sporadic...

She looks so sweet and innocent doesn't she? Ahhh but see - she is two!!! About ten days ago she poured a can of pepsi into my laptop. No more than a few tablespoons but she poured it in on the left hand side where some very important wiring is located apparently.

That not being enough, as I was running around the bed to get to her, she jumped up on the bed then jumped square in the middle of it. :) Two year olds are fun aren't they :)

A week later (This past Sunday morning) I woke up and came downstairs to get ready for church and my dad's printing computer (The one hooked to the printer) had an error message on the screen telling me a file is corrupt and I have to use the system disk to fix it. System disk doesn't work.

The computer i'm using is the sole survivor of the plague of 2010 here of murphys law of computers.
I tried using Mozy's online backup service to backup some of my photographs. (Wouldn't you? EVERY COMPUTER around here is dying! I have hundreds (almost 1000) of photos of my children on here that I haven't printed. I don't have copies of them and just deleted them from my camera to make room for lil man's birthday pics.)

ANYWAY Mozy wants me to run some stupid backup program all of the time and it literally takes 4-5 minutes for me to open any browser window. Plus blogger crashes almost all of the browsers. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera - you name it - Blogger will crash it!

so until I get computer issues resolved - i'll be sporadic guys.

I'm sorry! :( so many great deals to share!


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