Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$59.99 Blu-Ray Player!!!

I am so excited right now. I just saw over on Southern Savers that Amazon has the Sylvania NB530SLX Blu-ray Disc Player (Black) listed for $59.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blu-ray player retails for $199.00!!!! Also because the blu-ray player is priced above $25.00 it will ship FREE with super saver shipping!!!! So if you have some extra swagbucks giftcards taking up space in your email account this might be a great use for them.

I was VERY lucky at Christmas and was given one as a gift. I LOVE Mine. The clarity even on a REGULAR tv is phenomenal.

SO if you are looking to step into the 21st century and into the land of Blu-Ray discs this would be a good time. The Blu-Ray players still play DVD's and if you've noticed a lot of the Disney deals enable you to score $5.00 or FREE or money maker DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs!!!! Also dont' forget that there is that awesome sale going on over at amazon on all of the movies!!

Also...not really deal related and a very shameless self-promotion plug...If you decide to purchase this or any of the DVD's it would be very much appreciated if you could do so through my affiliate link rather than just going to amazon and searching for the item. I am an amazon affiliate which means if you buy through my link then I actually earn a small commission on your purchase which helps me ultimately.

Don't buy just to help me though, but ya know - if you PLAN to buy anyway......:)

I have some more posts I need to make but will be leaving the house in about 5 minutes to go to the Doctor and post office. so look for those later.

My computer has been acting up lately too....well out of 3 that I used to have available to use - I am down to one which is apparently angry at me. :(

Have a great day!!!


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