Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cheap shoes, oil changes and calenders OH MY!

One of my VERY FAVORITE blogs to read of all time HANDS down is and the blogger behind it - Michelle - is so kind to me. She is nice to everyone and funny but any time I have a question about anything she takes time out of her day to answer my question and that means soo soo much!

ANYWAY if you aren't reading her blog daily - you really should be! here are some of her MUST SEE Posts:

Do you need an oil change? She has links for printing $5.00 off and $10.00 off oil change coupons for jiffy lube and firestone! here.

Do you still need a 2010 calender? 3 months are gone but you can still use calenders as planners etc. here is her post about how to save 50% or more off of some awesome calenders!

Do you need shoes? Or just love shoes? Check out Michelle's post here about a shoe sale going on that is simply phenomenal!


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