Friday, February 5, 2010

Win FREE Milk!

If you follow me over on facebook then you can probably ignore this post, but I want to share for the folks who are not fans on facebook!

The "Got Milk?" People are running a contest right now called the Great Gallon Give! They are giving away Free Milk for a year. The Winners are reciving booklets with 52 coupons for a free gallon of milk, any brand , any variety. Pretty cool- huh? While I doubt that would be a year's worth of milk for the Duggars or the Gosslins, for most families, I think a gallon a week is about average.

To be honest, I LOVE milk!! I always loved it growing up and I still love it. I drink a lot of milk, my daughter drinks some milk, she's getting better about drinking milk rather than throwing a tantrum for juice ;).

I entered again today and am not a winner! but I will definitely keep trying, our household, we like free things, and we like milk! so what is better than free milk?!

Go here to enter for yourself! IF you do win, PLEASE let me know :) I'd love for one of my readers to win! :)


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