Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas & Birthday Savings

I figured that since my 10 month old has me up bright and early this morning that I would share a few thoughts with you on how I am saving for Christmas 2010 & Birthdays this year.

I have almost $60.00 in giftcards sitting in my account after January! That is like managing to save $2.00 per day towards Christmas.

If i am able to save even just $25.00 a month for the rest of the year that will give me over $300.00 to use for Christmas and Birthdays!

I love getting something for nothing.

Before Christmas last year, I managed to grab this toy, the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra, for Tyler's March Birthday.

This toy normally retails for somewhere between $50 and $60. It was on sale before Christmas for $30.00. I had $25.00 in giftcards thanks to Swagbucks. With if your order qualifies for super saver shipping then it ships free. (Your order must total $25.00 or more in order to qualify.) So I bought a $50.00 toy, and shipped it free to my doorstep(it took 3 days) for $5.00!!!! That, my friends, is a DEAL!

Here are some other ways that I make money online...I will never become wealthy taking surveys or searching for Swagbucks, but in this exceptionally lean season in life, it is allowing me to give a better quality of life to my children who otherwise might not have that benefit.

I also recently cashed out $25.00 from Survey Head. I chose giftcards. The surveys that you take on Surveyhead really are pretty fun. I took one about brownie mix packaging, another few about a commercial and how it made me feel. They paid me $24.00 to take a 20 minute survey about a month ago. Now THAT was return on my time!!! Normally the surveys don't pay that much but I was stoked to find one that did AND to qualify for it!! I only get email from Survey Head when they have a survey waiting for me that I might qualify for. Maybe once or twice a week.

Here are other companies that I participate with to help increase our quality of life & try to save money or earn a little extra cash:

Focus Forward Get paid to take surveys and participate in online focus groups!

Send Earnings Get paid to read email! (You get a $5.00 bonus for signing up and you get your first survey right away for 50¢ so you are already at $5.50 within minutes after signing up!)

Survey Head One of my favorites!!! Get paid to take fun surveys (They really are fun!!) and cash out via giftcard or paypal or get a check in the mail! (I recommend one of the online options!

Swagbucks Seriously my favorite way to earn cash!!! If you want to learn more about Swagbucks then please go here and read my explanation!


Summer said...

That zebra toy is a deal Carol! Way to go; Tyler will love it :O)

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