Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Win a $50.00 publix giftcard!! also - SNOW WHITE!!!

Yeah I know some of you scroll through giveaway posts but if I were you I would totally stop!!!

If you are one of the folks who i have talked to recently who were sad about missing out on the Snow White Deal- I have a super Deal for you!!!!

Michelle over at I heart saving money is having a giveaway and is giving you the Snow White DVD!! If you remember I won some books and a gift card and some cheerios over on her blog a few days ago - so people DO win!!! Go HERE and enter her contest - leave a comment on her post :) You have until Sunday December 13th to play!!!

Are you running low on grocery funds? Michelle is also giving away 2 $50.00 Publix gift cards on her blog!!!! You can go enter this contest here!! This contest ends December 10th!!!!

Hurry hurry - it takes you maybe 5 minutes of your time to enter those giveaways and i'd LOVE for one of my readers (or THREE of my readers!!) to win these prizes!!

I'm not entering either giveaway because I already won something this month from Michelle's blog.

I am entering plenty of other giveaways though!! If you are interested in trying your luck at some giveaways then scroll down and on the right hand side you will find a new feature ALL about giveaways. It has a listing of everywhere you can go and find people linking up their giveaways!!

If you would like me to start posting the giveaways i'm entering so you can see the variety I will be happy to post links to them!!

In the past few days here are some i've entered:
3 carseat giveaways
12 or so toy giveaways
cloth diaper giveaway
giftcard giveaways
a ball pit giveaway
a toddler mp3 player giveaway
a few double stroller giveaways

I'd really like to find someone giving away tires!!! that would rock my face off!! (as my cousin would say ;) )

Now to quote another famous person...

"You can't always get what you want...."


Candida said...

Yes Ma'am. I entered for the

Carol said...

Oh good!!! hopefully you will win :) That would make me happy!!!

also - Did you do the 1800 flowers thing back at the beginning of november?

I was VERY overwhelmed and VERY Tired and thought I posted about it but I guess I didn't. Anyway i got a $40.00 credit from and just got my code like yesterday.
I just used it to send Gmother a potted holly plant at the nursing home. It was 100% free and it will make the difference for her on that day I hope - it will arrive next wednesday. Let me know what she says :)

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