Wednesday, December 9, 2009 80% off!!! Exceptional Christmas presents!!!

Okay...Ya'll have surely figured out by now I am not just "Frugal" I am DOWNRIGHT Cheap!!!

I very very seldom eat out. I took my daughter to chik fil a today with part of my birthday money (My birthday was December 1) because she has been DYING to get in their play place since her birthday (End of October) so we went :)

Any way - I don't like to eat at sit down restaurants either because I don't have a lot of money and usually they are super expensive and out of the realm of my budget.

Do you know about I got an email today to let me know that they are running an 80% off deal right now!! There are a few options with them that I'd like to tell you about and these would make AWESOME Gifts!!

A $25.00 gift certificate normally costs $10.00 without any promo codes. But using the current promo code which is "SHARE" you can take 80% off of that!! So that means you get a $25.00 certificate for $2.00!!! These aren't like traditional gift certificates though - please read all of the fine print before you buy!!

Take 80% off $25 Gift Cert. orders! Use code SHARE and Pay $2 thru 12/14/09.

You can also join the dinner of the month club each year for $120.00 ($10.00 a month!) but since you are taking 80% off this gift is only $24.00!!

There are 3, 6 and 12 month options:

3 months = $6.00
6 months = $12.00
12 months = $24.00

Save 80% Off Dinner of the Month Club only at Use code SHARE thru 12/14/09.

Here is a sampling of restaurants available in my area:
Joses Gourmet Grill - Minimum Purchase of $35.00 18% gratuity added prior to discount
Nile Ethiopian Restaurant - Minimum purchase of $35.00 18% gratuity added .. Dine-in only
Lil Pauls Smokehouse - Valid with min purchase of $35.00 & 2 drinks. 10% gratuity added before discount
Avanti Gourmet - Valid with min purchase of $35.00 excludes alcohol 18% gratuity added
Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse - Valid with min purchase of $35.00 18% gratuity added Not valid fridays.
Fattoush Cafe- $35.00 minimum purchase, 18% gratuity added

There is a common theme of the $35.00 minimum purchase... This is still not a bad deal guys.

You and your significant other go out for date night. ...

Typical date night:
$4.00 - two sodas
$14.00 - Entree 1
$12.00 - Entree 2
$8.00 - Appetizer
$8.00 - Dessert
$46.00 total
$9.20 (20% gratuity)
-$25.00 Gift Certificate

Even if you are really hurting for money...and let's say you work it so that your tab is almost exactly $35.00...

$35.00 = tab
$7.00 = 20% gratuity
$42.00 total
$17.00 due and you already paid $2.00

So you are getting out of there having only paid $19.00!!!

That's a pretty incredible deal if you ask me :)

I am thinking about picking one of these up for my brother. I think he might be pretty excited by this.

I know I would be excited - I might grab one for me and maybe one for my mom.

If you decide to buy remember to click through my affiliate link :)


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