Thursday, December 17, 2009

FREE Christmas Crafts e-book

I got home about an hour ago from dropping my daughter off at pre-school and was getting things set up to make some more homemade marshmallows and some more homemade fudge to give as Christmas gifts.

I happened to open my email while I ate brunch and check out what I found!! I had an email telling me about this very cool Crafts e-book/newsletter. I subscribe to a lot of the ebook/newsletters because they all have such really cool ideas!!! You can go here to get started or to find crafts too!

I have had SUCH huge success with my homemade gifts so far I am going to go read my e-book right now and see what new crafts I can find to make :)
My 2 year old discovered glue at Pre-school on Tuesday (she didn't know it existed until then...) I'll have to show you the ornament she made - it is TOO CUTE!!


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