Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worth reading roundup!!

So many blogs and so little time!!! Here are some posts of interest from my reading list!!! I have to type quick - my 2 year old is running around like she's had excess sugar today!

Crystal over at Moneysaving Mom has a post here about homemade hot drink mixes. Mixes included: Vanilla Chai Tea mix, Fireside Coffee Mix, Hot spiced tea mix. They sound yummy. I'll have to revisit this one for sure!!

Crystal also has a post up about a $2.00/1 Nivea body wash coupon (For the record the Touch of happiness (The orange one) smells like orange creamsicle and is absolutely AMAZING - it is my very favorite body wash EVAR!!!!) It will be free next week after overage at CVS. Here is her post. (ps - i know how to spell ever, my "EVAR" is pronounced just like it sounds!!)

Ok now i'm dying!!! i promised myself I wouldn't spend anymore money this year on toys but seriously??? Toys R Us has the cherry town market for $18.00 right now - go see the details here. Because seriously? Hello Birthday 2010 for my girl!!!!!! decisions, decisions.


mellisarock said...

Carol...your blog is so cute and informative...ya know I have 4 little kids too...that I signed up for your e-mail updates!!! I love to read about toy deals!!

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