Monday, December 14, 2009

Disney Store: Mega Monday!!

So I just opened my email and was able to see what sales are going on. (I receive, on average, 100 emails daily from various stores and such... That's why I recommend you have a spam account when signing up for offers or a special dedicated offer account. I don't...mostly because I use gmail and can search my mail for what I need...but I digress :) )

They have some pretty good deals right now, if you aren't done Christmas shopping yet and if you spend $89.00 or more they do offer free shipping with the promo code SHIP89.

Kid's Sleepwear and Select Plush Toys are Buy One Get One Free only when using the code SWEETDREAMS. (You could buy a PJ Pals like the one to the left and a 13" Plush for $16.50 which is an okay deal. I bought two PJ Pals about a month ago and paid $5.00 each!!!)

Kids Warm Wear is marked down as low as $5.00 so you can grab this nice Cars glove & Hat set or a scarf for $5.00 as a nice stocking stuffer!! The hat & glove sets and scarves retail for $16.50 so this is a pretty great discount!! Hoodies are half price, marked down to $10.00. There are also boots from $12.99-$19.99 (Most pairs seem to be $5.00 off...not such a great discount), And a fleece Jacket for $19.95. No promo code required.

The section of this site where I could spend my weight in paper cash (and i'm not a small girl!) is the Kids Disney Graphic Tee's Section where the shirts are marked down as low as $5.00. My 2 year old little girl swoons over "Pinzess" shirts. The only two things I can get her to confess to wanting for Christmas are a play Kitchen and a "Pinzess" (Not Princess stuff..a LIVE PRINCESS who is held captive forever, here in our house!!)
The Adult Disney Graphic Tee's are marked as low as $8.00. I admit to being a huge fan of Tinkerbell and Stitch but I don't buy stuff for myself like that. I would rather spend my money on my kids. It's quite tempting to snatch that men's "Back off, I'm Grumpy!" T-Shirt though!!

Disney's Personalization store is called "Create your own" and you can "Create your Own" for as little as $12.99. The cute fleece blankets shown to the right are $14.99.

They have AMAZINGLY Cute "Create your own" fleece nightgowns for little girls. My daughter would absolutely pass out from being so happy if I were to present her with *ANYTHING* from the "Krog" movie... (Princess & The Frog) and if that something had her name on it too? I would be able to wash it when I pried it from her cold dead fingers. She has a death grip even in sleep ...much to my chagrin!

The Holiday Decor is marked down up to 50% off. This cute "Baby's first Christmas" ornament is down to only $5.99...I think I might grab this one if I can convince myself that paying shipping is worth it.
I hope you get lots of deals today!


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