Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leapfrog Crammer on sale for $14.99 !!

I am a huge fan of leapfrog toys. I think they are simply wonderful. My daughter got a Tag Jr for her birthday and I promise you she began talking more within mere hours after using it. Telling me "Triangle! " "Square!" "Circle!" "Rectangle" and "Blue!" "Lello" "GEEN". These were skills we had been practicing but she had little to no interest in verbalizing any of those words with confidence. She mumbled them once in a while if you begged. I am CONVINCED the Tag Jr was the catalyst for this. I love the toy so much that when I found one for $14.00 at Target I bought it for my little boy's Christmas 2010 stash!!!

So I got an email literally a few minutes ago telling me they were having a massive sale. Go Here to see their sale prices.
Here are a few of the best deals In my opinion:
Learn along Lily - Was $9.99 - Sale $3.99
Math Circus VHS - Was $9.99 - Sale 99¢
Leapster L-Max learning system Was $89.99 - Sale $49.99
Clickstart Learning Carnival -Was $19.99 - Sale - $5.00
Clickstart Animal Art Studio - Was $19.99 - Sale - $5.00
Crammer Case - Was $9.99 - Sale $3.75
Learning Friends Lilly - Was $21.99 - Sale $9.99
Tag Jr Animal Orchestra book - Was $10.99 - Sale $5.00
Crammer - Was $59.99 - Sale $14.99
Use coupon code MERRY10 To take %30 off regularly priced items and an additional 10% off of any item on sale 25-75%
Free shipping on orders $50.00 and greater through midnight Central time 12/13 (So basically you have 5.5 hours left!! Get to it ! :)


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