Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm dreaming of a Disney Christmas - *Reprised*

Don't have a lot of time right now so let me be short and sweet ;) Monsters Inc and UP come out on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo packs TODAY and I am stoked! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this because Santa needs some stocking stuffers :) I copy & Pasted my original post to bring you this info...there is an UP Printable coupon!!!!!!!

I spent some time tonight figuring out the best way to grab these two movies the cheapest way possible for us :)

Toys R Us pricing:
$24.99 - UP & $34.99 Monsters Inc

Target Pricing:
$26.99 UP & $26.99 Monsters Inc

Walmart Pricing:
$19.96 UP & $21.32 Monsters Inc

Walmart unfortunately didn't list their prices in their current ad (because they are not my friends!! ;) ) BUT Best buy did and their prices are $23.99 for up and $18.99 for Monsters Inc

So we are going to price match best buy - take that best buy ad to target with you!!!

$42.98 total for both movies at Best Buy's prices. (Yes Brandy - i have five of these ads)(You want the Blu Ray & DVD Combo packs!!)
-$10.00 / 2 (Monsters Inc & UP Blu-rays purchased together) Target Printable here.
-$10.00 on UP Coupon located here.
-$8.00 on Monsters Inc Blu Ray coupon printed from here. *
$14.98 Total for 2 blu ray's once you price match with Walmarts price. Then you can get one $5.00 and one $4.00 rebate back with the mail in rebates below... 2 new release Blu Ray's for 15 bucks is a pretty good deal :)

*Once you log into disney movie rewards Enter this UPC into the "Code" Section: 786936164886
The next page will have a banner for you to click on and you can choose at that point to print a US or canadian coupon :)

Several rebates available for UP.
-$5.00 2 Birds Eye Voila Meals
-$4.00 One of several brands of food
-$5.00 Kernal Seasons Products. See I heart Saving Money for Details on these!

I say this is a STEAL!!


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