Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to use the coupon matchups

I got to thinking today while I was getting ready to pull our publix deals over that some folks might be just bobbing along for the ride and that i've never actually explained some really basic stuff that will help you save a TON OF CASH!!!

Here are a few terms that you need to know in addition to my last vocabulary post:
Stacking - At most stores you are able to stack certain categories of coupons. Kroger affiliates have downloadable coupons that you put on your kroger card. Those stack with paper, manufacturer coupons for an item. Here is an example from Kroger:

$8.99 Jumbo Pack of Huggies Diapers
-$1.50 Shortcuts electronic coupon (We will discuss shortcuts soon!)
-$1.50 insert coupon (or mailer coupon)
$5.99 Total due.

At Publix and Target you are able to stack STORE coupons and Manufacturer coupons. Publix will accept competitor coupons...here is an example:

(Local folks - Mount Juliet Publix WILL NOT TAKE target coupons. SMYRNA Publix will!!)
$1.99 Kellogs Rice Krispies 12 oz box
-$1.00/1 from 11/8 Redplum (insert coupon - manufacturer)
-$1.00/1 target printable (store coupon - competitor)
$0.00 Total due.

Now I want to explain HOW you use the coupon matchups that I post...
When you are looking through a coupon matchup ad there are different sections of each individual item that you need to look for.
Example with a printable coupon:
Chinet Napkins, Extra Large Dinner or All Occasion, 40 or 90-ct pkg, BOGO $1.89
-$1/1 PRINT
-$1/2 99/99 RP
-$4/10 88/88 SS
-50¢/1 Mayvember ALL YOU Magazine
-$47.00/1 FLIP

Black text = The Item from the sale ad. Chinet Napkins are basically 95¢ a pack because they are $1.89 Buy One Get One. Make sense?
Red Text = Manufacturer Coupon. What is listed there is Amount/Quantity Where. Let's examine our Coupons...
-$1/1 Print (Printable coupon for 1 dollar off of one pack)
-$1/2 99/99 RP (insert coupon from Redplum insert from 99/99.. Save 1 buck on 2 packs)
-$4/10 88/88 SS (Same deal as above but this one saves you 4 bucks on 10 packs)
-50¢/1 Mayvember ALL YOU (save 50¢ on one package of napkins ....the coupon will double.

These are all MANUFACTURER coupons. They are listed in RED. Most people change the color of store coupons to a greenish color.

Greenish text - STORE Coupons. You see here that food lion went insane and are offering a FOURTY SEVEN DOLLAR ON ONE package of napkins printable!!! Fortunately for them I only made that coupon up :) You can use this coupon WITH any of the coupons in red to get a fantastic deal. You can STACK the coupons.

It is best to make your menu for the week based on the weekly sales papers from your area unless you have a monster stockpile. (I have such a stockpile so you will notice my meals are not limited by what is on sale. It is a great idea to plan what you are going to cook each night because then you aren't caught with your proverbial pants down when it comes to deciding what to have for dinner that night.

If I don't come up with options for dinner once a week I wander around in a fog the entire week and we end up eating food that is not good for us ORRRR it is 7pm before we eat because it takes me till 6 to decide what to make!


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