Friday, November 13, 2009

I heart Freebies!!!!

I love free stuff! I also love getting mail so Free stuff that comes in the mail makes me doubly happy!

We are starting a new feature here in the crazy world that is my blog. for now i'm going to call it "I heart free stuff" mostly because...I can't think of a better name for now :)

I am totally taking a cue from our pal Kristin over at Couponing to Disney who has two features we are going to be using for our "get free stuff" campaign!

Kristin has the 4 a day feature where you can request for 4 freebies!!! She also has the 5 a day feature where she lists 5 companies for you to email to compliment, complain or request coupons. She does the best job of explaining it so i'll let her do that here.

Well K has given me permission to run a "Catch up" feature over here that allows those of us late birds to "catch up" to where she and her folks are!!! She is also sharing her resources with us - totally awesome!!

I do want to encourage you that if you know someone who needs a brighter day (an elderly person who has very little local family or maybe just an elderly person who really enjoys getting small gifts in the mail or enjoys couponing but can't get around as easily as before or doesn't have the internet) to maybe request some stuff for them. Not everything but once in a while it might be nice to send your grandma a free sample of some note cards or a young single mother a free sample of diapers.

Maybe you want to send two separate letters to each company - do I suggest lying? No. Send your letter then when you go to send another letter identify yourself.

EX: "My name is Autumn Leaves and my grandmother Spring Flowers just LOVES your bottled water. She is the one who got me hooked on your product. She is older (in her 80's) and doesn't have the internet or get around as well as she used to but has been loyal to your product for the past 40 years!!!! when I was a child she always told me that Summers Delight was the very BEST bottled water ever!!! I am sure she would appreciate any communication regarding her steadfast loyalty to your product. Thank you again for your awesome product!"

Then include your grandmothers name and address and such...

Our request list for 11/13/9

Free Samples:

Free Greeting Card from Stockwell Greetings

Free Greeting Card samples from The Gallery Collection

Free Signature Scent sample from Signature Scent

The 4 a day list here.


Beechnut Baby Food


Red Gold

The 5 a day list here


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