Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Deal I wish I could do...

My kids are sick a lot. I think we've established that ;) My son is also afraid of the dark....So at the risk of turning into pumpkins - we don't go out after dark...EVER!!! Neither of my kids feel great so..meh - there will always be more deals ;)

I live 3 miles from Target but it might as well be a million miles.

Here is the deal i SO wish I could do:

$19.99 (Target price on Santa Buddies through closing tonight)
-$10.00 off Santa Buddies on Blu-Ray here.
-$5.00 on BluRay Coupon from Target (You will have to download a printing program to print their coupons)
You pay $4.99 for the blu-ray combo pack!!!

Then there are TWO Rebates that you can do and actually make money on the Blu-ray!!!

Here is the post from I heart Saving Money.


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