Saturday, November 28, 2009

$99.00 - Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation, 120 Minutes (White)

This deal is incredibly HOT!! In Looking around I haven't seen anything quite like this for as cheap as this. You can get the Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation, 120 Minutes (White) for only $99.00 from !!!

I have read several reviews of this Camera and when I was browsing over on I heart Saving Money I saw that she had posted about this deal. She actually owns one of these but when she posted the cameras were only $89.00!! Now they are $99.00 but still - that's a great deal - the regular price for these is $149.00 - If I had extra cash laying around I would LOVE to own one of these. I own two video cameras and can never find the chargers for them. I own a digital camera and the transfer cable for it doesn't work right a lot of the time.

For right now - to make this deal sweeter if you order this camera from then you get 55 free prints from 50 4x6 prints, four 5x7 and one 8x10!! valued at $15.45
I think that's super cool and if I had the extra cash laying around - both my brother and sister could expect one of these!!


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