Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purely Decadent Printable

Go here to print a coupon for $1.00 off Purely decadent or So Delicious Dairy Free frozen dessert or refrigerated item. This week if you hurry the non-dairy (not coconut milk ones :( ) is on sale for $1.99 each at kroger - this makes for a .99 dairy free dessert!

While you are there take the survey and enter to win a years supply!


Dallas said...

Hey Carol! I live in Mt Juliet, and I too share your frugalness... I also appreciate the vegan perspective as my dad does not eat red meat or pork so when I cook for him I keep that in mind. He loves Morningstar, so I have some recipes up my sleeve that use those instead of meat, but always am open to new ideas and obviously coupons for these products. Thanks for the heads up on the ice cream!

Carol said...

Hello Dallas and welcome!! No problem on the coupon...If you look to the right you will see under the heading of a little widget that lets you print some coupons. There are coupons over there for Muir Glen products as well as Cascadian farms products. I also share your dad's love of morningstar farms. Has he tried the spicy black bean burgers yet? They are tasty! My 1 year old is in love with them :) We are not vegan but i have several vegan friends & have recently discovered a lot of vegan products! :)

Dallas said...

I personally can really get down on a good homemade cheeseburger; however, my dad has to be doing something right because he's 69, takes no medications, and has a clean bill of physical health. Yes, he's tried them all at Morningstar - in fact I think he has one almost everyday for lunch. I'm working on taking the Basil Pizza patties and making a lasagna - should be interesting! And thanks for the printable coupons link(s)... I've been heavy into regular paper ones since last year, but just this month got brave enough to print them and it's paying off!!

Carol said...

wonderful! i am looking forward to hearing about your savings and to "fellowshipping" with you on here :) i'm about to go to kroger and see if i can convince them to pay me for shopping there. me and my 4 million coupons! :) i plan to get a lot of covergirl - bet they are out and i have to go to a new kroger.

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