Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kroger: FREEBIES & Money Makers!!!

Hey! so right now there is that really cool P&G Sale going on at Kroger...I spotted a few deals I want to bring to your attention!

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner are currently $2.99
Herbal Essences Stylers are $3.39
Both are eligible for the P&G buy 4 get $4 off your order.

***Deal IDEA***
Buy 2 HE Shampoo's (Or conditioners)
Buy 2 HE Stylers
USE -$1.00 on HE Shampoo or Conditioner coupon from a few weeks ago
USE Free Styler when you buy a shampoo or conditioner (HE) from last week's paper

2.99 HE Shampoo
2.99 HE Conditioner
FREE Styler (After coupon)
FREE Styler (After coupon)
5.98 subtotal for these 4 items
-1.00 HE Coupon
-1.00 HE Coupon
3.98 Subtotal
-4.00 P&G Sale

Covergirl makeup 25% off
Deal idea:
Buy 4 of the Covergirl eyebrow pencil 2 packs that comes with a pencil sharpener
2 of the 2 packs comes to 2.49
4.98 for 4 of the 2packs
-$2.50 on any 2 Covergirl Items
-$2.50 on any 2 Covergirl items
-$4.00 P&G
= $4.02 FREE off something else.


Dallas said...

I was stoked about the Covergirl deal... I got 2 nail polishes which brought my overage to only $2.60 but I'd been looking for some lately so that worked out. Also from last week's paper I used the $1 Publix Q for any Sure deo combined with the $1 Sure for Men manuf Q at Kroger (price was $1.99) so this was free and going in my donation box. Good stuff!

Carol said...

WHOA! call me uninformed. Do you shop at the mount juliet Kroger? And are you telling me they accept competitor store coupons??

I am SO Happy to hear you got that deal & it went into your donation box!!! I love the donating!! keep it up :)

Dallas said...

I work in Brentwood so I mostly shop on Wed's lunch hour at the B'wood Kroger and do my Publix on Sunday mornings in Mt J. But yes, Kroger takes the store competitor q's - I've had good luck there using Target and Publix q's in addition to the manuf q's... definitely worth a shot to ask the CS desk in MJ about their policy!

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