Friday, August 7, 2009

Delta toddler bed giveaway @ Jolly Mom

I have found some really great giveaways while surfing the web lately and I love to share! My daughter has a toddler bed still at my in-laws house waiting for us to move it. It was a gift from our cousin Candy & Her daughter Kristin. It is a Delta toddler bed, Dora the Explorer. This bed is SUPER CUTE.
The bed is low to the ground, she can easily get in the bed and out of the bed without help. She adores her little bed. The rails help keep her in the bed because she is a wild sleeper.

I am the one who put the bed together and it was SUPER easy to put together. I can't wait to get her Dora bed here from the in-laws house. I found out today that over at Jolly Mom she is giving away a Delta Toddlers bed!!! My son does not have a toddler bed yet. He has never slept in a crib.

The beds that Jolly Mom is giving away are the Cars bed and the Fairies Bed. I am entering her giveaway to try and win the Cars Bed for Tyler!!! Go take a look at the cute beds over at Delta Enterprises and then check out Jolly Mom's giveaway - you will not be disappointed!


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