Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kroger tripling coupons in response to HT

Kroger is tripling coupons in response to Harris Teeter. Faithful Provisions has the scoop on that over here. Theorhetically you could get by with tripling 40 coupons a day by going to whoever has the best non-food pricing (or the best dry food pricing) and tripling 20 coupons and then trekking to the other one and tripling coupons on cold things - that would make a nice shopping trip.


Dallas said...

I heard this wonderful news this morning... Oh happy day!!! This changes my world!!! I was so bummbed when I returned to HT before work this morning to pick up the items I couldn't get yesterday due to to the 20 max, and they were sold out of almost everything. So frustrating!

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