Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harris Teeter shopping trip Wed Aug 12, 2009

Just to share with you the sweet, sweet deals that can be had at Harris Teeter during triples Here was my shopping trip.

I must admit that I lost my receipt somewhere. I think it may be in the car but I can't swear to that, all I know is i have spent about an hour looking for it between last night and today and I can't find it. I do remember some prices and I remember I paid $21.50ish and the guy told me i saved 64 dollars or some such. i can look up prices later or maybe after I go to HT today i'll have a copy of my receipt and can post actual prices - here was what i bought:

1 2 lb bag of Mahatma rice - FREE
1 gallon milk 1.94 before coupon = Free
1 squeeze botle welches jelly = .24
1 big bottle mr. clean w/ febreeze = .94 I think
1 magic eraser = .70 I think
4 totinos pizza rolls
4 bags chex mix = .66 each
4 boxes fruit snacks
1 pack bacon
1 dozen eggs
1 1/2 gallon oj
1 6 pack english muffins (Harris teeter meal deal for $5.00)
1 bag chicken flamin buffalo bites (beef jerky - jacks links)
2 bottles frenches mustard = .19 ea

I also had 3 other things.

It really is a great deal and even if you have to drive a little bit you should check it out :)


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