Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

It has been said constantly in all the websites I read every day...that the most cost effective way to shop is to plan your menu & to start that with your pantry and what you have on hand.

Now, I am not much of a planner. I know! I know! I organized! Don't let me fool you - it is a total fake out :) I am not organized ::at all.:: I tried for a few months planning out my menus and I did okay but here is a sample of our dinner menu:

Grilled chicken caesar salad
spaghetti (aka pasta & sauce)
(other honorable mentions include: Taco Pie, Taco salad, citrus chicken and beef stew)

The problem with that menu is that it was (A) Expensive with all the meat and (B) not very good for us because it is high in fat and additives, also I wasn't using coupons!

You may also notice a lack of vegetables except tomato paste. At least we got lots of Lycopene for that time while we ate that way.

I try to eat much better now but I need to get SO much better about planning my get ready to laugh. Whenever I learn something new I am usually about as graceful as a penguin performing ballet.

Here is a great resource that I plan to use in my endeavor.
Here is another resource I found via Moneysavingmom. Thanks Crystal!!


Dallas said...

Hey Carol - I have a blog also where I address some of these issues if you'd like to check it out in your free time - You know that 5 min that you get all to yourself everyday? - lol... No pressure and I'm trying to get better about adding pics to make it less boring haha. It's if you're interested!

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