Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win a sling from Bits and pieces from my life

So if you have seen me walking around church or any store then you have seen me rocking my fish patterned sling. There is my happy boy over to the right. He loves to be in it so much that he whines and cries specifically for it. Lila cries when she realizes that mommy is going to wear the sling and put Tyler in it and not her!!

Some of the advantages of baby wearing are apparent:

1. You get to have your baby content at your side and you aren't worried with what s/he is into
2. You get to snuggle a warm baby !!!
Q. Your arms are free for shopping or to carry another child or to wash dishes or...

Some of the benefits are not as easy to see...
Children who are carried in a sling grow better because they are not wasting precious energy screaming for mommy. They are able to conserve energy for growing. They also learn more and benefit from being snuggled against you all day. I absolutely LOVE wearing my children. I wear my tiny baby and my toddler. At 33 lbs she is a little heavy for me to be carrying but she really is not incredibly heavy. I still prefer to carry her in the front carry position over all others because she feels lighter that way!

As you can see, Tyler is right at home in his snuggle spot!!

Well if you have ever thought about potentially owning a sling and using it for YOUR baby NOW is your chance to try to get one for free!!! Bits and Pieces of my life is giving away one of 3 different slings over in her journal! Go here to enter her giveaway!


Kristin said...

Thanks for promoting my contest...babywearing is just the best. I wear my toddler, too, and he is a big boy!! Come back again sometime. :-)

Carol said...

Kristin - I will DEFINITELY come back I added you to my google reader on blogger and you can see from my profile page you are a blog i now follow. I don't have a whole lot of time but God seems to be multiplying my time a little for me which is great. Now if i can ONLY get the playroom finished so my children have somewhere to go play while I work on my blog and try to become a paid blogger and continue my donation ministry for church >< and hopefully find some sort of income in the mean time. but you are Quite welcome for the promotioN :)

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