Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PSA: Blog will soon be moving


Just want to share a little bit about what's going on to hopefully avoid you being confused!!

Several other bloggers have found their blogs locked or deleted by blogger/google for no reason.  There is a lot of speculation as to WHY their blogs are being locked (The use of words like Sale or Free ; Multiple posts linking back to the same blog; many posts that are similar to each other etc)

Out of the fear of waking up one morning to my blog being locked I am moving my blog over to the wordpress platform.

If you are currently visiting the blog via the url: then you should be okay up until I am ready for the new site to be unveiled.

If you currently use then you will end up on the new site for now.  So in order to continue getting all the great deals, you will want to point your browser to

if you are using then you are still good :) that will always point right here!

I'm not real sure how long it will take me to get the blog moved since i'm doing it all myself but i'm hoping to get it done within the next two weeks. :)

Nothing major ;) Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you are someone who gets here by typing :)


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