Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coupon Lingo

Hello! I hope you are enjoying my series Coupons for Beginners If you have not been following along or are just now seeing this, you can catch up with Coupons for Beginners, and Coupon Basics.

When you are first plopped into the couponing world it can be very confusing. When I first began learning to coupon I felt like I was losing my mind. Reading lines like this one:

"Use $3/1 and $2/1 SQ and GB $4 OYNO!"

made me want to cry. I was like "What is a MQ? What is an SQ? Grab Bag? They misspelled Oh no?" The translation of that line is:

"Use a $3.00 off one Manufacturer Coupon and a $2.00 off one Store coupon and you get back (a coupon) for $4.00 On Your Next Order!"

So in the interest of not forcing you to sit and wonder what I am are some Couponing "Vocabulary words" you may or may not be familiar with:

General Terms:

– Red SmartSource box that spits coupons out with a red blinking light. These are generally located in front of/nearby the item they are intended to be used on. If they are for one of your favorite products that is NOT on sale at this store - you CAN take a few (2 or 3 - not the whole box :) ) and use them at another store.

Buy one get one. Most grocery stores the items are just 50% off - but Harris Teeter is sometimes different. Most stores that run BxGxF (sometimes stores run Buy 2 Get 1 or Buy 2 get 3 promos) will require you to buy the actual specified quantity.

Catalina - Coupons that come from the printer beside the register tape. They are typically manufacturer coupons and are rumored to be usable at any store. Sometimes these can be for random amounts off of your next order coupons. (Register Rewards are Catalinas)

Filler - Item added to purchase so you can use a coupon or qualify for something.

FLIP - Food Lion Internet Printable coupon

HT - Harris Teeter

IP – Internet printable coupon

OYNO - On Your Next Order

Rolling – Used with multiple transactions. First transaction prints a coupon off your next order and you ROLL it onto the next transaction with the intent to reduce your Out of Pocket Cost.

– Out of Pocket

- Manufacturer

- Coupon

- Manufacturer Coupon

Store Coupon

- Using 2 coupons together. Usually a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon

Overage -
Extra money in your favor on a transaction. ex: Using a $1.00 on any Muir Glen tomato product Coupon on the 89¢ cans of tomato paste at Publix generates 11¢ of Overage.

WYB - When You Buy

DrugStore info:

IVC - Walgreens in ad coupon (Instant value coupon)
RR –Register Rewards - catalina Money off on your next order from walgreens
ECB –Extra Care Bucks - CVS instant rebate "coupons"
SCR - Single Check Rebates - Rite Aid rebates that are mailed to your home.

Newspaper Inserts

GM – General Mills insert
P&G – Proctor and Gamble insert
RP – RedPlum insert
SS – Smart Source insert

If you didn't finish reading about Coupon Basics yet feel free to hop back over THERE to do so. If you did finish reading Coupon Basics then I hope you learned something today from the two posts and please be sure to tune in soon when we learn (Where to get coupons).

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