Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disney Store: Character Flip Flops: $2.99!!!

If you remember a few days ago I told you about the Disney Flip Flops sale.  I just got my order today and they are TOOO CUTE.  Bad news? My daughters Minnie Mouse flip flops only JUST fit her even though I ordered a 10. She takes after her mama I guess ;)

So I am thinking about placing another order and squirreling them away for next summer.   I ordered 2 pair and with shipping my order was less than $10.00!!!

HERE is the link to go check the sale out.

Shoes that they have left include:
Minnie Mouse flip flops for toddler - $2.99
Tinker Bell flip flops for girls - $2.99
Princess Sandals for girls - $12.50 (not included in sale)
Buzz Lightyear flip flops for boys - $2.99
Mickey Mouse flip flops for Toddlers - $2.99
Lightning McQueen Flip flops for Boys - $2.99
Finding Nemo flip flops for toddlers - $2.99
Tinkerbell Sandals for Girls - $12.50 (not included in sale)
Wall*E flip flops for Boys - $2.99
Handy Manny flip flops for Toddlers - $2.99

Did you order any shoes last time? Do you plan to order any this time??? I'm undecided if I'm going to order this time.   I'm thinking Finding Nemo or mickey mouse for lil man for next year (just order them a few sizes too big) and I'm thinking Tinker Bell flip flops for the girl.


Michelle said...

Those are too cute!

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