Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I maintain a "Toy Closet"

I have tons of toys in my home that my children don't know about.  I have toys that I bought before Christmas 2009 for my son's Christmas 2010 OR possibly his birthday in 2011.  Does that sound ridiculous to you? It used to sound ridiculous to me.
If you have an out of the way place that you can store stuff like that, it can sometimes save you tons of cash just by being at the right place at the right time.

I bought his bounce & spin zebra for his first birthday back before Christmas and let me tell took a lot of the pressure off.  I didn't have to worry about not having money, I didn't have to worry about finding him a present in the weeks before his party, I didn't have to worry about what he'd want to play with because I had already found something for him to play with.

It's also nice to have little toys in the closet for you to pull out when you need them.

Forgot to shop for a birthday party? Low on cash before a birthday party? Want to give someone a gift of appreciation? Need a rainy day boredom solution? Want to give your child a treat and not break the bank??

You can even just call it a gift closet and keep things in there for all ages.  I have a spare bedroom where I keep everything but sometimes you just have to be creative.  Get a rubbermaid tub and store the toys in the attic or in the garage or under the bed.

Vtech - Write & Learn Letter PadMy daughter had to get a shot yesterday and she's terrified of the doctor anyway.  The toy to the left here, the Vtech - Write & Learn Letter Pad...I found 2 on Clearance at Kroger last May for $2.50 each.  I bought them both thinking they might make cute Birthday presents or something.  I pulled one out of the closet the other day and took it to the doctors office with us then surprised her with it in the waiting room.  It occupied her the whole time and she has played with it pretty extensively since we got home and I think it took some of the sting out of the shot. 

Special thanks to my cousin Candy for the idea of the toy closet.  She actually shops the after-holiday sales (especially halloween) at Dollar General Stores and she buys the penny clearanced items then i've seen her pull out cute little character sunglasses or purses or ninja swords for Christmas goodies or birthday gifts for cousins and whatnot.


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