Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Unless you are a night owl like me then Good Morning and happy Earth Day to you! :)

There are so many ways to make a difference on our planet and I'm sure you have heard them all.

*Change your lightbulbs to CFL's (it really is more economical..they are more expensive than regular lightbulbs but they DO last longer!)

*Wash with cold water instead of warm or hot and save 80% of the energy required to wash that load.

*Wash your car on the lawn so that the plants can help break down the soap and dirt from your car and the water helps your grass too.



*Plant Trees

*Cloth Diaper your little one.

*Use cloth wipes

*Use green cleaning methods like vinegar and all of the great green cleansers out there.

Michelle over at I Heart Publix/I heart Saving Money has put together a nice round up of the deals you can find tomorrow only in honor of our mother earth. Go on and look - you know you want to :)

You can find Organic baby stuff over at Franklin Goose which by the way is my new FAVORITE baby shop.  They have all the finest organic and earth friendly goods you can find! They also have some pretty good deals on some stuff over there.  I am currently waiting on a shipment of cloth diapers from them.

I plan to review them when I get them.  So look for that. I also have a diaper sprayer coming and I am super excited about all of that.  As soon as I get a chance and i'm rested up enough I plan to cut this nice soft flannel I bought at JoAnn's from their remnants section and I am going to sew some nice cloth wipes to go with my cloth diapers.  Think of all of those diapers and wipes that won't be going into the landfill.

Speaking of cloth wipes I found an Etsy store that I just LOVE recently.  It is called WEE Essentials and you can find it here

She sells cloth wipes and soap bits for you to make your own cloth wipe solution! She also sells naturally made soap.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me but I hope to get some good deals in here for you folks :) Have a great day!


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