Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Healthy! Go Fit Home Gym for 43% off!

I've been doing P90X for 3 days now and i'm feeling the burn but I want MORE Out of my workouts! you know? So I went for a search for fitness bands and looky what i found!! The Go Fit Ultimate Pro Gym on sale for 43% off!!!! This baby is only $23.22 down from $40 bucks- i am SO Ordering this in just a minute and paying with some of my swagbucks giftcards.

Valeo Body Ball (75 cm)Sharing a box with this beauty will be a Valeo Fitness Ball. 75 cm to be exact.  I have very long legs and the 65 cm ball is just too small of a diameter for me.  The Valeo Body Ball (75 cm) is on sale for just under $13.00 so my whole order should be $36.00-ish which is fantastic for these much needed items. 

I am excited.  Gonna build me some muscles.  And since I would like to lose over 100 lbs, this is phenomenal. (Yes. you read it right)

Be sure to cheer me on! HAH!


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