Monday, March 15, 2010

Princess and the Frog DVD for 99¢!!! I knew there was a reason I stopped at the computer on my way back upstairs to finish rearranging and cleaning and such!!!! (trying to organize so I can use my desktop computer upstairs.... The reason why....that is a long story that involves my recently deceased laptop, a 2 year old, a can of pepsi and jumping on the bed. Use your imagination.)

SO I found this very cool information on Couponing to Disney.

I already knew from her that I could get the blu-ray & dvd combo pack for $16.99 when it is released tomorrow, using my $10.00 coupon that I printed here.

I really don't have the $16.99 to part with though so I was thinking I would have to disappoint my baby girl. :(


There is another option.

If you click on my link above for Couponing to Disney...

you can print the $5.00/1 DVD Princess and the Frog Coupon....
(The DVD is $15.99 at target)
That makes it $10.99 BUT there are two mail in rebates so you could potentially get $10.00 BACK for buying the movie and a few other things - cool huh?

Click on over and visit Kristin and find out what the story is :)

The really cool part is where you walk out of the store with the Princess and the Frog movie, two boxes of FREE bandaids and you paid $10.99 plus tax and know you will get back $5.00 of that later...

wait - scratch that ... the REALLY COOL PART is where you see your daughter's face light up like it's Christmas morning all over again when she gets to watch it. THAT is what is cool.

NOW I get to decide.....if I am willing to spend this money to make my daughter happy....does she get to watch the movie right away or does a giant furry rodent bring it to my house in a basket??? ;)


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am facing the same decision! I cannot decide if I want to give her the movie right away and be the cool mom or let the bunny bring it!

Thanks for the awesome tip! I printed my coupons out and ready to save some $$$

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I just blogged about your post. Thanks again for the tip!

Carol said...

you are very welcome Michelle :) Thanks for sharing my post with others :) I have several entries into contests afoot so i'm not sure if I go ahead and buy or wait for the contests to be over - if i wait for them to be over the Coupon will be expired. I HAVE to get this movie.

:) ARGH!! :)

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