Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need help with Disney Family Fun Movie Night!!

So, you all know I have small children.  29 months and 1 year old.  Both of my kids love disney movies.  Kristin over at Couponing To Disney posted about the cutest idea ever and I wanted to share with you!!!!

She does family movie nights with the movies & eats appropriate foods etc. I think that is an absolutely AMAZING idea.  I want to do it too!!!

Do any of you currently do this and can you share your ideas with the rest of us?

The Easter Bunny wrote me a letter to tell me that He has the Princess and the Frog and that we could expect it Easter morning ;)....

So here is Kristin's post about this.  So here is my idea for a family fun night for Princess & The Frog

So here are ideas i’ve had:

My kids have a tent...It is their size. ... I am thinking about turning off all of the lights in here and getting a camping lantern (I'm sure we have a minimum of 5 around here) or even hanging some white Christmas lights like stars on the mantle etc. (OOO!) to make it semi-dark. and "Camping out" in their tent.  well on the porch of their tent (place the tent on a blanket and the part that sticks out is the "porch") and maybe pretending like we are in the swamp...dressing up...I'll be an old voo doo hang, the boy can totally be a frog or a lightening bug or I actually have a duck costume here too....and the girl can dress as a princess!!!

Food wise - I think we will have dinner in the living room together, thinking before the movie comes on. and here is the menu i'm thinking of:
Red Beans & Rice with smoked sausage – I don’t think my babies will be too thrilled with gumbo.
fried okra (batter dipped flies)
Salad of some sort (Swamp greens/swamp grass!!)
For dessert - Thinking an ants on a log type thing with apples…but calling it flies on a leaf….you know? Cause prince naveen & princess tiana try to eat the fly….
also going to have marshmallow caterpillars...

I thought about using chicken tenders as frog legs or something but I almost think that would be creepy and maybe traumatic for my kids. What do you think?

Maybe chocolate milk could be called "Swamp water" ????

then we can get that all cleaned up & come back in here and watch the movie... Maybe I could mix a little sparkling juice with some food coloring and call it "magic potion" or something.  I dunno!

Suggestions? :)

Have you ever done this with another movie? Please share! :)


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