Friday, February 19, 2010

Today is my very favorite day of the week! Megaswagbucks!!

Today is Friday and that can mean only one thing... Mega Swagbucks day!! So head on over to Swagbucks and search your little hearts out.

What is Mega Swagbucks day?? It is the day when swagbucks are awarded in even larger denominations than usual ($10, $20, $50, $100!) and I've heard they are awarded more frequently than normal. The most I have ever won on a search was 4 SB's but I know many folks have won much, much more.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you with points called Swagbucks (These can be traded in for prizes.) There is a wide variety of prizes to choose from but my personal favorite is $5.00 at It costs 45 swagbucks and really it's not that hard to get to 45 between swagcodes and searches. You get 3 Swagbucks when you join.

Tips for using Swagbucks:
*Search until you win in the morning - it doesn't matter what you search for - try a few searches or if you do a lot of searching throughout the day try your search on swagbucks first - it uses and as the actual "engine" behind it so frequently it works just as well as by itself!!!

*Search until you win in the evening - same rules apply as above. I use as my regular search engine...

*Be sure to become a fan of swagbucks on facebook - frequently there will be a swagcode announced there or a swaghunt will be announced.

*Grab the swidget from swagbucks (Or just use mine - you can search with it or check it for swagcodes - mine is at the top right of my main page)

*Read the swagblog daily - there are frequently codes in the blog!

*Convince your family and friends to sign up because when you refer someone - every time they win swagbucks - YOU DO TOO!!!

*Download the swagbucks searchbar and use it to search - it also tells you how many swagbucks you have and they sometimes send you codes right to the swagbar!!

You can go here to join. I just added a giftcard code to my account and it brought me up to $40.00 ALL paid for with swagbucks!!

Swagbucks is a completely free deal...there are no strings attached at pay nothing to use it and ultimately they pay YOU to use it. I HIGHLY recommend signing up... This is my plan for Christmas 2010 and Birthdays!!! I think it's a great one!!

If you check out almost every other frugal blogger you will see that he or she has something about swagbucks posted on their blog. Obviously though I'd prefer that you sign up with my referral link since I am the one telling you about it :)

My son's major birthday present was bought with swagbucks plus $5.00 from my pocket!!! I bought it back before Christmas, so I am ready for March 18th but will need a few little gifts to go with it then my next child's birthday is in October and then Christmas. But I do have other birthdays I'd like to buy something small for. Who knew that being a single mother would be so hard.

SO go get searching and win yourself some big prizes :)


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