Friday, February 19, 2010

Product Review: Soft Scrub Total


As you know, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Soft Scrub Club's "Team Captains"
As a Team Captain I was given a free full-sized sample of Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl. My free cleaner arrived yesterday and I have been on a cleaning spree since then!! I cleaned two bathrooms and am now prepared to give you my honest review of this product! (That doesn't seem like a lot but it's a ton when you have an extremely clingy 11 month old!!)
This really made cleaning the bathroom a task that I actually enjoyed. It actually reduced the amount of time I was in the bathroom cleaning and...I was able to clean the shower, sink, counter, toilet and floor in one fell swoop without digging out a variety of cleaners and reading labels to make sure everyone would play nice together. (Creating a chlorine cloud is NOT my idea of a fun day!!)
The first bathroom I cleaned was a bathroom with a lot of soap scum. The person who uses it doesn't want to use body wash so insists on using bar soap. I don't know if you remember the days before body wash but...certain brands of bar soap generate a ton of soap scum!!!
I apologize for the difference in angle here but I had an angry 11-month old on the other side of the door screaming for attention as I took the second picture. This was actually only partially clean. This is just one week's worth of soap scum!! I went back and finished the job later but there is no picture as that would involve me being able to find my camera which is MIA right now!! (All of that soap scum is a great argument for doing away with bar soap if you ask me. ;))
Soft Scrub Total offers you the option of being able to spray the cleanser as a foam or as a spray. It also offers the ability of spraying UPSIDE DOWN. That's right, you heard me! UP-SIDE-DOWN! :)

In the past I have used cleaners that offered a "foam" option and the foam was either:
(A) Not thick but hit the surface just fine - only to dissapate quickly because it was really more like 5 bubbles that came out of the bottle.
(B) Was SUPER thick but tended to just run down the bottle after I had "Sprayed" the foam out.

I was pleasantly surprised this time!! This was not an issue. The foam actually sprayed the appropriate distance away from the container and was very easy to spray. It was also thick and clung to the surface I wanted it to cling to! That is a crucial feature if you are cleaning a toilet or fixtures in your bathroom or are trying to get rid of nasty soap scum!!
The foam is very focused and I found that it clung extremely well where I wanted or needed it to cling. I used this on the inside and outside of the toilet bowl & on the fixtures in the bathtub as well as on a few hard water stains in the tub.
The spray has a very wide coverage. It was not unlike a mist. This was what I used on most of my shower and the sink and the counter top and the floor.
Something I love, love, LOVED about the softscrub bottle was that I could tilt it upside down and spray. It wasn't perfect unless I had the bottle totally upside down or it was just pivoted from top up to top down going forward. Tilting the bottle to the side did cause problems three times but the nozzle cleared itself within a spray or two and it was a minor inconvenience for a bottle that will spray upside down!! (Especially considering the number of times I put the bottle on it's side or totally upside down to spray!!!)
When I walked into the first bathroom this morning I was greeted by the pleasant scent of deodorized bathroom. It wasn't the overpowering-nose-burning smell you sometimes get from cleansers.
This is a product I will DEFINITELY buy when I get the chance unless it is cost prohibative, of course. I absolutely must maintain my frugal lifestyle but occasionally I DO splurge.
If you have used this product I would LOVE to hear your feedback about it and see if your experience is the same as mine :)

The Soft Scrub Total cleaner was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Please refer to this site's Terms of Use for more information.


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