Friday, January 22, 2010

Soft Scrub Club: I'm a Team Captain!! (High dollar soft scrub coupons too!)

So I received some exciting news the other day and I am so excited to share it with you. Soft Scrub has created a new club to provide consumers with exclusive offers, promos, tips and more! They had an application process a while back where bloggers and regular folks could apply to become a team captain. I am proud to say they decided to select me as one of 200 "Team Captains!" YEAH!!! I have always liked Soft Scrub Products and the chance to try new products was just toooo delicious for me to pass up so I threw my hat in that ring and BAM! I got picked :)

I am currently eagerly awaiting my free bottle of Soft Scrub Total. This stuff looks pretty cool and I have to tell you - I have really become disenchanted with the stuff I've been using. It doesn't seem to clean the house very well so I am dying to try this. I want to see how it works on the tile floor in the bathroom as well.

Apparently you can turn the bottle upside down in order to spray hard to reach places like under the faucet in the tub or under the toilet rim. It also has the ability to spray foam or spray. I'm interested to see that work out also. Right now there are a few high dollar coupons for soft scrub on their website if you are a member of the Scrub Club.

Here is a link to sign up for the Scrub Club.

Here is a link to the special offers page.
Coupons I printed from here were:
B1G1 Soft Scrub Cleanser
-$1.00 Soft Scrub Cleanser (used together will make a mighty sweet deal!)
-$1.50 Soft Scrub Total product Purchase
-$1.50 Soft Scrub Gel product purchase

i think to get the B1G1 coupon you have to be logged in and then click the special offers tab and once you've printed that then you can go back and get the others. Each coupon does ask for you to put your email address and name in.

While you are there check out the Soft Scrub Surface Guide. You choose a surface from the drop down menu and click go then it shows you which items are for use on that surface.

My floor is made of Ceramic Tile - I can use any product ... I need to apply with a wet sponge or cloth and rub in gently. Avoid prolonged Contact.

My shower/tub is made of fiberglass. - I can use any product..apply with a wet sponge or cloth and rub in gently.

Sadly I can not use this product as a clothing pre-treater as it is not designed for such matters ;)

**Full Disclosure** I have not been paid in any way for any part of this post. I am being sent a free bottle of cleaner and once it is in my hot little hands I will likely post a video of it's use and potentially my verbal (and or written) opinion of the item. The opinions and wording of this post are all my own.


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