Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I enter giveaways!!!

I enter giveaways because sometimes you WIN!

I entered a giveaway for some books for my kids over on I Heart Saving Money.

Well Today (December 1) was my birthday and I've been having kind of a lazy day. I was sitting here falling asleep with my laptop in my lap watching tv and preparing to go to sleep.

I checked my email just before I shut off my laptop and had an email from Michelle.

I WON HER GIVEAWAY!!!! Here is her winners post here.

What did I win?
According to her post I won:
*An Assortment of books from Cheerios
*One of the many varieties of Cheerios cereals
*A $25.00 gift card to Barnes & Nobles!!!

Well I think i'll get the Publix post up tonight then. I'll be going to obtain some delicious coconut cake and snow cream ice cream to celebrate with as I look through the publix ad though :)


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Great win...love Barnes and Nobles

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