Monday, December 7, 2009

So how would you like to win $150 this holiday season?

I am on a giveaway kick these days. I drive my friends and family crazy over on facebook because I am a fan of big prize giveaways and I enter every giveaway they have and then I publish it on my wall because then if one person enters for me and they win then I win too - ya know ;)

For those of you who may be new to the game or may not know me very well let me explain briefly what life is like for me. I have two beautiful children (almost 9 and 26 months) I am raising them alone. We live with my dad which is awesome but I don't want to be a burden to him so I try to pay my own way. In the current economy it is very difficult to get a job that pays well without having to go pass a credit check. For some reason potential employers do not look favorably upon foreclosure being on your credit report.

SO I am left to work from home... There are a lot of needs that come up for us that are not urgent needs. It's something I need but we can survive a little longer without that. For instance - larger cloth diapers for my son who developed an allergy to dispo`sable diapers last month. A good friend of mine gave me some diapers for him (Thank you Tessa!!!) but he is rapidly outgrowing some of them so that is a need that is not urgent - got it? good!

When I have a need like that I start searching for giveaways.

So imagine my joy when I found this info today...Jolly Mom has a giveaway for 10 of her readers to all win $50.00 American Express giftcards. You can go enter that here. It is sponsored by AmEX and they are the ones giving away the gift cards.

Oh yeah - if you'd like to win $100.00 then you should enter American Express's Twis the season Twitter Giveaway. (Details can be found here.) From the American Express Website:

American Express wants to make your holiday shine even brighter this year with the ‘Twis the Season $100 Gift Card giveaways on Twitter!

Each business day between December 2nd and December 15th, 2009, American Express will randomly select three winners to each win a $100 American Express® Gift Card.

To enter, just tweet @americanexpress any holiday gift you want, up to a $100 value, using the following format:

Hey @americanexpress. I have _________ on my holiday list. Pick me! #amexgiftcard.

It can be anything from a new bike helmet to a cashmere scarf for Mom. You can enter once each business day between 12/2/09 and 12/15/09 for multiple chances to win!

If you are a lucky winner, @americanexpress will tweet your name at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time each day, Monday – Friday, and direct message you with details on how to claim your prize. To receive direct messages from us, please make sure you are following @americanexpress.


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