Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give the gift of food!!!

So do you ever give out gift cards to restaurants at the holidays or for birthdays?

this can be a nice way to take your college aged kid out to dinner if s/he lives away from home during the school year. You can give them a NICE (for a college kid) dinner that s/he doesn't have to pay for on his/her own!!

Mommies with Cents has posted a great post here that tell you who is giving out what freebie with the purchase of a giftcard. For instance - if you purchase a $100.00 giftcard there then you get a free song download and free $20.00 giftcard. If you eat at outback a lot you may want to do that to save a little bit of cash on each meal there. it can be a great way to reduce your out of pocket spending on dining out throughout the year!!


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