Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FREE shipping from Vtech toys!!

I am a fan of VTech Toys over on facebook!!! Here was their most recent status update:

Shopping season is officially here. Get the gift of free shipping on all orders over $50 for the ENTIRE month of December with DECFREE. Enter at checkout to get in on the savings.

Their Cyber Monday deals are extended through today!!

One of my favorite toys that I cannot WAIT until my kids are big enough for is the Vsmile Vmotion by Vtech... I used to be a HUGE Jon & Kate plus 8 fan. Their kids were given a Vmotion in exchange for a commercial that Kate did. It was super cool looking!!! I loved the way that it encouraged kids to MOVE!!! When I was little we weren't as active as we should have been. I LOVE Kids toys that encourage movement. Not only is it a great way to encourage kids to burn off calories and avoids adding to the lifestyle problems that contribute to the increased obesity in America... but the toy burns off excess energy!!!! Maybe my daughter would sleep if we had this toy!!! The toy regularly retails for $59.99 - through midnight tonight Vtech has this toy for $36.99!!!! Plus if you order $50.00 worth of stuff (you'd only be $14.00 away - what's that? a game for the video game system????) you get free shipping!!!


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