Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toys R Us: Buy 2 Get 1 Free on VIDEO GAMES

Toys R Us is running a special promotion this week buy 2 get 1 free on video games. There are over 800 qualifying items for this. Found out about this via which has linked to Xtotheg's blog here. It looks like based on his post that it's not just games it's accessories also (From $5 - $100.00!!) One thing that is not included are pre-orders.

Here is the link to all games.
Here are Wii games.
Here are PS3 games.
Here are Xbox 360 games.
Here are DS games.
There is a post about this deal over in forums here.
If you are interested in this then I recommend you read the Wiki.
Here are some important facts about this deal:
*You may mix and match. If you buy only 3 games then the cheapest game will definitely be the free one. If they are all at the same price point (all 49.99 games) then the last one that was scanned is the free item.
* If you buy more than 3 games it's best to buy in multiples of 3. (3, 6, 9 , 12 etc) and their register handles this in a very specific way. If you plan to grab up more than 3 games I'd recommend taking a look.
*If you are buying the games for a gift and may end up returning one of the games then they have suggestions over there for how to handle that situation.
This can enable you to make your Christmas bill way smaller - for instance:
Let's say your kids want 3 59.99 video games. Without this sale this is what you are looking at:
3x59.99 =$179.97
2x59.99 = $119.98 (Makes each game the equivalent of $39.99 - that's not bad if you go in with two other parents to each buy your kid one video game each)
I'm sure there will be other video game sales the closer that we get to Christmas but several people seem very interested in this so I deemed it post-worthy :)
Have you scored a super sweet deal with this? Let me know - leave a comment!!
This sale runs from today 10-11 until 10-17!!!


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