Monday, October 26, 2009

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

Are you a Tink-o-phile? I am! I LOVE Tinkerbell. It's not really surprising that I own 3 tinkerbell purses and 2 ballcaps. I own other stuff... but for now that's all i'll admit to owning ;) Well here is a way for you to get some extry Tinkerbell Stuff if you have a little girl in your life and you or Santa need some help fluffing out the Christmas Tree.

Tinkerbell is being released on 10/27/2009 which is tomorrow! (Well it's today if you went to bed before 11pm last night :) )

I pre-ordered mine at Toys R Us for $5.00 so I already know I am getting a Tinkerbell Photo Album for pre-ordering. In looking at the website you can actually get a photo album just by buying the DVD or Blu-Ray! SWEET!!

There is also a deal going on right now for you to get a free Faeries Lantern if you spend $40.00 on Faerie Stuff :)
Now you could just buy the Faeries Lantern for $12.99 but where is the fun in that!?
Toys R Us is selling the Blu-Ray Combo pack (You get the Blu-Ray AND DVD) for $21.99. They are selling the DVD for $15.99.
I heart Saving Money hooked us up with the details on a coupon for the Blu-Ray combo pack here.
The Coupon is located here.
Toys R Us Scenario courtesy of I Heart Saving Money:
$21.99 Buy Blu-Ray Combo Pack
$13.99 Buy Tinkerbell Tag Reader
$5.99 Buy Disney Faeries BOGO
$0.00 Buy Disney Faeries BOGO
Buy Free Lantern from above
$41.97 Total Before Coupons or
-$10.00 Coupon for the movie
-$4.00 Tag reader book
$27.97 plus tax due out of
Plus there are 2 different Mail in rebates to choose from!!
Go here to see more from Michelle!
Become a fan of tinkerbell on facebook here then you can pop on over to Disney Movie Rewards and enter the Magic Code listed on their facebook page 'TinkFan' in order to get the free tote shown above!!!


Kristin said...

I like this blog and your deal. :)

I'm going to link to it and add you to my reader.


Thank you so much for posting this offer. My granddaughter is a Tinkerbell fan and will love this adorable tote!

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