Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snow White DVD & Blue Ray combo pack $4.96+tax!!!

Before I start posting the store deals for next week I wanted to bring you an update to this post. When I posted previously I said it should be around $1.00 but I didn't realize it was blue ray and dvd combo pack so it would be priced a little more expensive to start with. Mercedes over at Common sense with money has the inside scoop.
According to her post here the DVD/Blue Ray combo will be released 10/6/9. (Tuesday!) And will be released for the cost of $19.99. There is a $10.00 coupon you can print out and use on the combo pack at walmart. This makes your out of pocket on this $9.99 - Mercedes has the links for the coupons for you to print linked from her blog. That's not all....
There is also a rebate offered by Hefty to get $5.00 back via a mail in rebate when you buy the dvd or blue ray PLUS any one hefty plate, easy grip cup or baggies product. At that point you only pay $4.99 plus tax. Sounds like a steal to me :)
I live in a rather inconvenient location to purchase stuff from walmart but with my princess obsessed toddler....Guess where I will probably be on Tuesday!!!!


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