Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday with Org. Junkie 10-19-09 Edition!

And it's time once again for another Menu Plan Monday! Menu Plan Monday is a really cool meme that is run by orgjunkie each week.

I know Several folks like money saving mom like to plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - I'm simply NOT that organized. As a single mother if my family and I are out and about without wardrobe malfunctions then I count myself lucky. I'm waiting for the day that I totally forget to dress myself and show up at church in my pj's with my hair un-brushed and my kids looking incredibly cute as always. It will happen. I've almost left the house in pj's before - just wait for me to get sleep deprived enough :)

I'm extremely NEW to menu planning and if you are too then I'd love for you to play along. Just visit her site and click on Menu plan monday at the top. Go snag you a banner, start you a blog at blogger or wordpress or livejournal or somewhere and play along (And be sure to comment your link to me so I can keep tabs on you too!!!! I'm ALWAYS looking for new food ideas!!!)

How did I do last week? Well let's recap! Here is the link to my last post.

I ended up pretty sick and both of my children were quite sick last week....I found out my daughter had a perforated ear drum and that I had random_virus01 for the season. Life doesn't always go as we'd like it do-right? So here is what we actually ate last week:

Sun - Baked pasta
Mon - Baked Pasta Re-Run
Tue - Canned Soup (Mexican Tortilla to be specific!!!)
Wed - Peanut Butter Chicken Stir-Fry (YUM to the O - i even took pictures for you guys!)
Thu - Pork Loin and Mashed potatoes
Fri - Crispy Fried Green Beans as a pre-dinner snack and Pork Loin & mashed tater rerun (With veggies this time!)
Sat - Black Bean & Rice Burrito for Lila & Black Bean and Rice Soup for me.

If you go check the other post you'll see I really didn't eat much of what I planned to eat. That's part of the beauty of having a stockpile - especially if you know what's in it. You can whip something up on the fly and you probably have 90% of the ingredients right there in your own home. If you are like me sometimes that involves "shopping" in multiple rooms but I have to do that in order to keep the kids out of the stuff - I have doors i can shut upstairs !!!

So onto this weeks menu :)

Sunday - I'm currently chowing on a nice yumtastic bowl of black bean and rice soup ** and will be having a bowl for dinner (The rate i'm gonig today - probably the same bowl! but I digress ;)
Monday - BBQ Bacon Meat Loaves
Tuesday - Chicken of some sort - I want to try my chicken breasts from Horizon Foods!! *Most likely it will be some sort of monterey chicken*
Wednesday - Chili
Thursday - Nachos
Friday - Crispy fried green beans
Saturday - My girl's birthday! She turns 2!!! So probably reheated chili

**The black bean and rice soup is SUPER SIMPLE to make and EXTREMELY Frugal - i will be posting the recipe pretty soon!!! stay tuned!!**

Possible Alternates/Other ideas:
Linguini from the fridge - i have fresh buitoni in the fridge i need to eat!
Something with Acorn Squash


Dallas said...

Hey Carol... Just sharing my Menu Plan for this week's dinners:

Mon-Chicken breasts, stir fry veggies, and teriyaki rice
Tues-Crockpot pork chops (covered in cream of mush soup), Birdseye broccoli in cheese sauce, and mashed potatoes
Thurs-Cheese and Roasted red pepper quesadillas
Fri-Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

I usually have plenty of leftovers, so generally lunch is the sequel to the previous night's dinner... Just sharing! Have a great week!

Carol said...

Hey Dallas - that all sounds DELICIOUS. Did you check out the peanut butter stir fried chicken i posted about? It's actually pretty good and can be made with natural peanut butter to avoid the trans fat in regular peanut butter.

my meatloaf turned out UGH-tastic tonight. it is just not as delicious as it normally is. so we'll see...but i'm glad to see we are both having chili :) your meals look better than mine though!!

Dallas said...

I did see the PB stir fry and am anxious to try that one day... I actually love to cook (and um, eat) so I get jazzed about menu plans. Keeps me from eating "crap" foods and when it's all on paper, I see which days I need to incorporate more fruits/veggies... And also helps me financially (Total cost Mon night's meal was $3.10). Sorry about your meatloaf! Bummer :(

Carol said...

The PB Stir Fry is actually really good - i was apprehensive to try it at first but my friend who invented it assured me it was good so I tried it and it was actually GREAT the way it was written. Now i mess with it each time I make it so it doesn't really come out great like it does if i stick to the recipe HAH!

I especially LOVE the strawberry chicken also and the grape chicken is good too. I'm fortunate that a family member of mine has a ton of pecan trees in her yard but I left behind my pecan stash when I moved :/

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