Saturday, October 17, 2009

For those shopping for Villalobos Rescue Center

If you live somewhere other than Southern California you can probably skip this post. I have a high concentration of Southern Californian friends who love dogs!!! Some of them have a special place in their hearts for Pit Bulls - and why not? They can be just as sweet (sweeter in my experience) than some tiny dogs!!

There is a dog rescue there in Southern California that recently lost their food sponsor. They are in danger of losing everything and are having a hard time feeding their dogs :(

If you can afford to donate I encourage you to do so. Money or food. Obviously if you are not in southern california you probably can't donate food. But here are some printable coupons just in case you ARE in southern cali :)

Here is the link to Villalobos rescue - they are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All money will be geared towards helping feed the dogs!!! They have all kinds of dogs - not just pit bulls!!!

Pedigree Coupons
Pupperoni Treat Coupons
$3.00 off purina pro-plan dog food
$2.00 off puppy chow after signing up here.
Free sample of Nutrish here
$5.00 off Dog food from science diet here

I looked for some store deals out there but it looks like very few people blog there!! if someone knows of some pet food deals they can comment them here and i'll put them up in the main post.

If you can help the doggies - thank you very much :) I wish I had more disposable income. This makes me miss Lickety :(


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