Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October 1st!!

Hello! Good Morning!

It is now time to go to visit and print all of your new and reset offers. If you shop at publix there are some coupons for Hamburger Helpers (.75/3) and they are BOGO at publix for $1.59 Quick math for you:

Print 2 coupons
$4.77 Buy 6 hh
-1.50 (use 2 coupons)
$3.27 = 54.5¢ per box. Let me sweeten the deal for you...

Print 6 of these puppies here.
Use the $1.00 off beef when you buy HH coupon - 6 of them. and buy 6.00 worth of ground beef

If you have a large family you can now fix all 6 boxes of HH for $3.27 :) so go visit our friends at and print some of those coupons!!

Don't forget to hit up smartsource and redplum also!!


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