Monday, October 5, 2009

Dry your clothes quicker and with less energy!!

SO this morning I actually turned my TV on and watched the news . They had a lady on there who suggested putting two clean tennis balls in your dryer to cut drying time. (I can't remember the website name - maybe Kelly is reading and can comment with it so I can add it)

So I tried it and in the words of my almost-2-year-old "OH WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!" it works. I dried 4 blankets on low heat in 25 minutes. (this dryer normally takes like seriously an hour and 20 minutes to dry the same amount of blankets on low heat!!!!!!)
Now i wasn't using tennis balls - I was using the little blue fluff balls that they sell at Big Lots - they were sitting there all lonely on the dryer and I grabbed em and tossed em in.
Want more suggestions for your old Tennis balls????? Go here to life for 50 great ideas for used Tennis balls!!
One suggestion? Use the time-tested method for finding your car in a crowded parking lot: put a tennis ball on the end of the antenna


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