Sunday, September 20, 2009

TIP: Sales are IMPORTANT use them to maximize your savings

So last night on Facebook I came across something interesting in my news feed:

$252.21 worth of Kroger goods. I SAVED $168.75 and spent $83.46! Triple coupons ROCK!!!- Wendy

This is a recent shopping trip that my friend Wendy recently completed. I don't think Wendy would mind me telling you that she has six children and an obvious need to make the most of every penny. At the beginning of the summer Wendy was not really a coupon user. I know because I asked her about using coupons because I was EXCITED and tried to get her interested but from what she said - she wasn't much of a couponer. Wendy now buys 8 newspapers on Monday for 99¢ and uses them to help her save money.

There is not really a right or wrong way to use coupons. There are really only more effective or less effective ways to use coupons. Example:

Hamburger Helper - Regular Price: $1.50 a box - Regular week - no triples
$4.50 (buy 3 boxes Hamburger Helper)
-.75¢ (.75 coupon from the mfg) (.75/3)
-.75¢ e-coupon (almost always an e-coupon on shortcuts or cellfire (.75/3)
$3.00 total (Paid $1.00 a box)

Hamburger Helper - Sale Price .99¢ a box - no triples
$2.97 (buy 3 boxes HH)
-.75¢ 75/3 mfg coupon
-.75¢ 75/3 shortcuts ecoupon
$1.47 total (Paid .49¢ a box)

In both scenario you saved $1.50 so you saved the same amount across the board with your coupons but which is the better deal? The sale is - obviously. It maximizes your savings and allows you to stretch that dollar even further.

Now if you DESPERATELY NEED some Hamburger Helper and are just OUT of it and can't find a sale - sure this is an option you can pursue. But this is one reason it is especially cool to stock pile. I have around 20 boxes of Hamburger Helper and honestly? We rarely eat it. I know the church needs some so I can ferry my Hamburger Helper to church and catch another sale. There will always be another sale for me.

Congratulations Wendy!!!! By the way - Wendy actually is the one who made my graphics - didn't she do an amazing job? I just love my pretty header and she made me a really pretty button to use too but i'm trying to wait on the uploading of it until I have a break from content or a baby sitter.


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