Friday, September 25, 2009

Charcoal on clearance at Kroger in Mount Juliet!

Hey.... I initially sent this from my cell phone but wanted to expound upon the information :) Kroger in mount juliet, tn is clearancing lots of great stuff!

When I was over there they had at least 50 really pretty dishes of all sizes (salad plate, dinner plate, bowls, etc.) in really pretty hot primary colors. This would be an awesome Christmas gift for your favorite college student. Stack up two plates and a bowl with one of the placemats they have on clearance and wrap it up with some pretty tulle and a bow!!! They also had pots and pans and coffee makers and tea kettles and just all sorts of stuff galore!!

They had over 20 bags of charcoal there on clearance, some for $1.50 a bag and some for $3.49 a bag. Jack Daniels, Kingsford and other brands. (They had the mesquite kind which is my favorite!) Even if you don't have a use for the charcoal - there are families living at the campground in Lebanon, TN and if you are close enough to shop at the Mount Juliet Kroger and have a few extra bucks.....that's all I'm saying :) Unfortunately my belt is getting tighter and tighter these days so I was not able to partake of the clearance but was so excited for you all!!! :)


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