Friday, September 25, 2009

GREAT Dining out deals (Nashville half off)

SO my good friend Ginger (Who i bet half of you know LOL) e-mailed me today while I was out at the doctor with the babies getting shots to tell me about this really HOT new site that she found.

The name of it is Nashville Great Deals and you can get there by clicking here. They have all sorts of deals for you there such as:

B.B. King's Blues Club & Restaurant
British Custom Tailors - Franklin, TN
Celebrity Limousine Inc. (Nashville)
Clearing Manor Bed & Breakfast
Cumberland Caverns (McMinnville, TN)
Cyn's Home Cooked Meals (Nashville)
Dinosaur World (Cave City, KY)
Drakes Creek Activity Center (Hendersonville)
Fairytales Bookstore and More (Nashville)
Fox's Donut Den (Green Hills)
Gone To The Dogs Daycare
Incredible Fat Wrap
Italian Market & Eatery
Kentucky Down Under

The whole reason she was emailing me was because they had Fulin's certificates (a $50.00 certificate for $25.00 - woo hoo!!) but they are sold out now.

Unlike which has strict limitations these don't appear to be as strict. ( is 25.00 off of a 35.00 purchase - they add a 20% gratuity based on your pre-coupon amount so assuming 35.00 of food you will pay 17.00 plus whatever you paid for your certificate...this site is just $25.00 off of any purchase can be used for alcohol or food or whatever)

Looks like they have a $50.00 maggie moos certificate coming on october 9th can't get cash back and must use the entire thing in one wallop so maybe if you plan to have a birthday party there? or get an ice cream cake or something :)

Seems like a pretty cool website for some pretty sweet deals - THANK YOU GINGER!! :)


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